Container Considerations: How To Make A Cremation More Eco-Friendly

6 October 2022
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Did you know that cremation can be better for the environment than a burial? This isn't to suggest that cremation is an entirely clean method, as pollutants are inevitably released into the atmosphere during the process. But when the resources required for the long-term (and even indefinite) upkeep of a grave at a cemetery are considered, the environmental advantages of cremation become clearer. There are ways to make the process even better for the environment, and this relates to what enters the actual cremation chamber. Read More 

Making Your Final Arrangements? Why Choose Direct Cremation

13 July 2022
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If you're drawing up your funeral plans, and you've decided on cremation, now's the time to consider your options. You might not realize this, but there are a couple of cremation options for you to choose from. Those options are a traditional funeral or a direct cremation. With a traditional funeral, you can choose cremation before or after the service. With direct cremation, the cremation takes place without anyone in attendance. Read More 

What’s A Green Funeral Service And What Are Its Advantages And Disadvantages Compared To A Traditional Burial?

18 April 2022
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One of the downsides of a traditional burial is that they can have an adverse effect on the environment, so some people have decided to have a green funeral instead for their memorial service. A green funeral allows for natural decomposition, so everything used during the burial will eventually return to the soil and become incorporated with it. In addition to limiting environmental impact, green funerals are also typically much less expensive than a traditional burial. Read More 

Things To Know About Cremation

28 January 2022
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If you are planning a funeral for a loved one and you have decided to go with cremation services, you will want to keep reading. Many people do not have a lot of experience with such services and what happens in crematories. To help make sure that you have the knowledge you need, you will want to review the following: Cremation Doesn't Happen Right Away While you can plan and hold a service or memorial for your deceased loved one within days of their passing, the actual cremation of their body usually does not usually happen right away. Read More