A Quick Guide To Flat Grave Markers For Couples

31 July 2023
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A flat grave marker lies parallel to the ground and does not sit up like a traditional tombstone. Used in many cemeteries, a flat grave marker provides you with an elegant way to honor loved ones. If you need to plan out flat grave markers for couples, then you have many options to chose from.

Follow this quick guide to learn more about flat grave markers for couples and some of the design options you can choose from.

Companion Grave Markers

If you want to honor a couple, then consider a larger grave marker known as a companion grave marker. While the length of the grave marker typically remains the same, the width is often doubled. The extra space allows you have plenty of room for fitting both names on the stone and detailed information like birth and death dates.

The extra space also gives you the opportunity to add other details as well. For example, you could choose a laser-etched stone that features images of each person or images that showcase their interests and hobbies. The companion grave marker could go over a single plot or a double plot depending on the location and cemetery rules.

Split-Line Grave Markers

If you use a single plot for the cremated remains of a couple, then you can select a split-line grave marker. The single grave marker can feature a line down the middle so you can add information on each side. Along with a single line, some grave marker designs will include other symbols to split up the stone.

For example, a cross placed in the middle of a stone can add a natural split to the design. Other symbol options include hearts, vines, or flowers. The designs add to the overall look of the stone without taking up a lot of space.

Symmetrical Grave Markers

If a couple shares a plot side by side, then you could select two separate flat graveyard markers to represent the couple. Even though the markers remain separate, the designs can help the markers match each other and create an elegant look.

For example, you can choose symmetrical designs for the border of the graveyard marker. The left corner of the left marker could feature a rose design and the right corner of the right marker could feature a mirrored image of the same rose design. When looking from above, the two designs will blend together to make one complete look.

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