Why Is Cremation An Ideal And Economical Option?

15 November 2021
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Cremation services can be part of the funeral services you can take advantage of at a funeral home. Cremation offers a viable option for people who would like to be buried or entombed after death, as well as those who would prefer that their remains stay with their family members. Cremation also opens up the possibility of having your ashes scattered in a meaningful place. Here are some of the reasons that cremation is an excellent and economical option:

1. Cremation is affordable.

Cremation is affordable for people of varying means. If you'd like to save money on funeral services, you can skip embalming and forgo a casket, instead taking advantage of cremation alone. Additionally, many funeral homes are also willing to work out payment plans for people who are interested in cremation services. Some people even choose to prepay for cremation before their deaths. 

2. Cremation is low-hassle.

The death of a loved one can be incredibly stressful, especially if you were very close with the deceased. Some people prefer to move on as quickly as possible in order to start the healing process. Cremation is a low-hassle option that can remove much of the stress from seeking funeral services. Direct cremation is a process in which the body of the deceased is transported directly to the crematorium from the morgue. In addition to being highly affordable, direct cremation also frees family members from the minutiae of planning a funeral.

3. Cremation is compatible with viewing ceremonies.

Some people hesitate to choose cremation because they would like to hold a viewing ceremony at their loved one's funeral. Fortunately, cremation is compatible with viewing ceremonies. If displaying the body of your loved one during their memorial service is important to you, you can have your loved one's remains embalmed. The body of your loved one will then be cremated after the funeral ceremony ends, and their cremains will be returned to you. 

4. Cremation allows family members to participate in the process.

Some people take comfort in being involved in their loved one's funeral services. This isn't always possible with some services, such as embalming, for safety reasons. However, family members can choose to be present for cremation. Some funeral homes even allow family members to start the cremation process by pushing a button. Playing an active role in the cremation process can give surviving family members a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience closure. 

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