4 Things A Crematory Can Do Your Your Family

25 September 2020
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It's always hard to say goodbye to someone you love, especially when your farewell is final. Death is difficult to come to terms with, but a funeral service can help. A funeral allows you to remember and honor a person who has passed away. A funeral home can aid you by providing cremation services before or after your loved one's memorial service. Here are four things a crematory can do for your family during this troubling time.

1. Provide Direct Cremation Services

Direct cremation is an option immediately following a person's death. If you opt for direct cremation, your loved one's body will be transferred to the crematory of your choice directly from the morgue. Direct cremation services are the most inexpensive option since they eliminate the need for refrigerated corpse storage and embalming. Some families prefer direct cremation because it is the fastest way to take care of their loved one's body. Some people find comfort in knowing their funerary duties are complete.

2. Allow Families To Be Present For Cremation

Many crematories offer families the option to be present for the cremation if they desire. You won't be able to see the actual cremation process occur, since it happens in an enclosed chamber. However, some people take comfort in being nearby. You may even have the option of pushing the button to begin the cremation process yourself. Witnessing the cremation can offer you one last chance to say farewell to your deceased loved one.

3. Package Your Loved One's Ashes

After the cremation process, you'll be allowed to retrieve your loved one's ashes. The crematory staff will package them for you. Some families choose to provide their own urn. Decorative urns can be a lovely way to honor your loved one's ashes, especially if you plan to put them on display in your home. If you plan to scatter your loved one's ashes or do not yet have an urn, the crematory can provide a simple container to hold the ashes of the deceased.

4. Provide A Funeral Ceremony

Cremation is compatible with funeral ceremonies. If you choose to work with a crematory attached to a funeral home, you can also take advantage of their other funeral services. Many funeral homes have chapels where memorial services can be held. The crematory director can provide help and resources to grieving families. Saying goodbye to your loved one at a funeral can be deeply healing.

For more information on crematories and their services, contact one in your area.