Tips For Planning A Funeral For A Veteran

18 December 2018
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If the loved one who just passed was a Veteran, you might be interested in planning his or her funeral around that. This way, you are paying tribute to the service and commitment that they gave to their country. To help you with the planning of a Veteran's funeral, you will want to review the following suggestions.

Ask For A Veteran's Package

There are some funeral homes out there that have put together Veterans' funeral packages that many people are starting to make use of. This can be very helpful for those who are not aware of what choices are available or that are simply in such a deep state of grief that they are having trouble making a lot of decisions. By selecting a funeral package that was designed with Veterans in mind makes the decision process a lot easier and less time-consuming for many people.

Reach Out To The VA

Many Veterans are eligible to receive a small amount of money that can be put towards the cost of their final expenses. Even if it is not a lot of money, it is still enough to help with the cost of the funeral. If you are not sure whether your loved one qualifies for such assistance, you will want to contact your local VA office. After doing that, you can also move forward with contacting Social Security if they were elderly and receiving benefits from the social security administration. They also may be able to help offset the cost of the funeral a little bit.

Talk With Other Veterans

If you did not have a chance to get a lot of guidance from your loved one before he or she passed, you can consult with other Veterans. They may be able to give you some ideas of how they like to be honored and you can incorporate some of those ideas into the funeral that you plan. As long as you are trying your best and doing what feels right, you will have honored your deceased loved one in a way any Veteran would be happy to be a part of. Make sure that you are speaking with the local funeral homes to see what additional advice they might have for you. After all, if they have been in business for many years, they have probably witnessed a lot of different ways in which Veterans are celebrated during funeral events.

For more information about Veterans' funeral packages, contact a local funeral home.