Choose A Funeral, Private Cremation Ceremony, Or Memorial Service

15 December 2018
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If your grandfather's last wishes include being cremated and having his ashes scattered far out in the ocean, you may be pondering a traditional funeral, private cremation ceremony, or memorial service. What is the difference between these three occasions and how can you prepare a formal or informal gathering that will help you and your loved ones feel uplifted as you all speak and contemplate about the recently deceased?


If you would like everyone to be provided with the opportunity to view your grandfather's body and pay their last respects prior to the cremation, a funeral service is the right choice. A funeral service is typically held soon after a death.

A director of a funeral home may assist with preparing and printing the obituary for your grandfather, transporting the body to the room where the viewing will take place, and coordinating the plans associated with depositing the body at the crematory that you have selected.

Private Cremation Ceremony

A private cremation ceremony is typically held at the place where the cremation will be performed. It usually involves gathering with immediate family members prior to and during the cremation. Guests can peer through a window to a room where the cremation is taking place.

Although this may sound morbid and unwholesome, it is actually very tasteful and you and the others won't witness the burning process. You will merely observe the body as it is being transferred from outside of the incinerator to the inside of the structure.

Memorial Service

A memorial service is an occasion that does not usually involve viewing the body. Like a funeral, all of the guests will be seated in a room and will be provided with ample time to give a statement about your grandfather and how his time on earth has impacted their lives. You can request that eulogies are written beforehand so that you can review the material that is being presented.

Also, assign an order in which you would like the presenters to speak. A memorial service does not need to be held immediately after a death and this will provide you with some time to grieve on your own or spend time with your immediate family members.

When you feel up to it, plan the service and display your grandfather's urn throughout the gathering. Afterward, invite others to go with you to the ocean so that your loved one's ashes can be scattered through the water. For more help, contact a company like Fletcher Funeral Home PA today.