A Special Goodbye: Unique Tips for Memorializing Your Loved One

6 December 2018
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Most traditional funerals follow a familiar plan, depending upon the specific nature of local, familial, or religious customs. While this type of service certainly honors the deceased, it rarely offers any sort of glimpse into their life or personality. Families who have recently suffered the loss of a loved one and are craving a more unique final farewell may find one or more of the following tips helpful. 

Opting for a Celebration of Life Instead of a Traditional Funeral Service

Celebrations of life are an excellent choice for families who wish to avoid the somber tone of a traditional funeral. During a celebration of life service, families and friends typically share the memories, songs, photos, and video footage that best illustrate the deceased and their relationship with them. While still very respectful and loving in tone, celebrations of life strive to celebrate and memorialize the life of the person, instead of focusing too exclusively on their death. 

Establishing a foundation to carry on in the name of the loved one

Another unique way to say goodbye to a loved one in a way that will live on is to establish a foundation to carry on in their name. This can be done using a special cause that your loved one was already involved in or by choosing a new one that aligns well with the way they lived their life.

For instance, if your loved one was passionate about donating their time to help out at a local soup kitchen, then establishing a foundation in their name to fight local hunger could be a wonderful way to honor their memory for generations to come. To help provide initial funding, the family can request that, in lieu of flowers, donations be given to help get the foundation off the ground. 

Choosing a monument with a message 

A lasting way to say a unique goodbye to a loved one is to consider choosing a special monument capable of telling your loved one's story, instead of merely their name, birth, and death date, as a traditional headstone does. Ordering a customized laser-etched monument to mark the grave of your family member is an excellent way to illustrate a special memory, relationship, or facet of their life that might otherwise be forgotten. 

To discuss your ideas for saying goodbye to your loved one in a special way and get help in bringing them to fruition, consult a trusted funeral director in your area. These professionals understand how important it is for families to say goodbye in a loving, unique manner, and they can provide the logistical assistance to accomplish their goal.