The Cost Of Loss: How Cremation Can Help Struggling Families Cope

4 December 2018
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Vehicle accidents, overdoses, workplace accidents, and many other tragedies tend to befall younger generations more frequently than older ones. Unlike older generations who may be more motivated to plan for the cost of their final needs because of their age, people who pass away early in life may not yet have put away money for the cost of a funeral and burial. This can place their families in a stressful position, should they die at this point in their lives. If you are currently dealing with the loss of a loved one who passed from this life at a young age with no funds set aside for their final expenses, the following information can be helpful.  

Can cremation reduce overall costs? 

According to recent statistics, the average funeral in the United States now costs more than $7,000. This figure includes the purchase of a casket and vault, services including cosmetology, embalming, transportation, as well as the use of the space for viewings and the funeral service. If interment in a cemetery or mausoleum is desired, additional costs for the burial plot, space, and a headstone or market will also apply. 

In contrast, the average cost of cremation can be far less expensive, often costing one-third or less the cost of a traditional funeral service. 

What is usually included in the cost of cremation? 

Many crematoriums provide transportation of the body to their facilities, as part of their basic fee. While many options are available, such as a viewing with a traditional casket, families can opt for a basic, but dignified service with options to eliminate the cost of cosmetology, embalming, caskets, and space for the service, as well as the cost of the burial plot and headstone. 

Is assistance available to help pay for the final expenses of a loved one? 

In addition to financial help from family members and friends to pay for the costs of burial or cremation, some states, counties, tribal, or private organizations maintain funds to assist with these costs. Additionally, families can request that contributions be made to the family for these expenses, in lieu of purchasing flowers.

Other means of finding funds to pay for an unexpected funeral or cremation can include some type of crowdfunding service or by asking for assistance from local churches and charitable organizations. 

Cremation services can offer important benefits for families who have experienced an unexpected loss. To help you decide whether cremation is the most suitable option in your family's time of need, speak with a dedicated funeral director or cremation services provider in your area, such as Union Funeral Home-Lytwyn & Lytwyn.