Strange Questions the Funeral Director May Ask You about Cremation and Why He or She Asks Them

9 November 2018
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The term "cremation services" makes it sound as though there is a lot that goes into cremation, but is it not just an incineration of the body? Technically, yes, that is true, but it is not so simple as all that. Whether you are planning ahead for your own cremation or you want to discuss cremation for a loved one that has recently passed, there may be a few odd questions you will have to answer. There are also some valid reasons why these questions are asked.

Do You Want to Strip the Body or No?

This is one of those questions that often makes people uncomfortable. The funeral director asks if you want the body to be disrobed and have the jewelry removed before cremation. The point to asking such a question is that sometimes people want a viewing of the body, but the clothes in which the body is dressed for the viewing are rather expensive. Hence, the living relatives ask for the clothes back and allow for the body to be cremated without burning up the clothing as well. You can also opt to have the body dressed in something really cheap after the viewing of the body and the changing of clothes so that what is incinerated with the body is not the expensive suit or dress that the body was clothed in for the viewing. As for jewelry, most spouses ask for the wedding band of the deceased as a memento prior to the cremation.

Do You Want to Split up the Ashes?

After cremation, the body becomes a few pounds of ashes. At this point, the funeral director may want to know if more than one person would like some of the ashes. If more than one person wants to keep the ashes in his or her home, the ashes are divided up and shared among the relatives that have requested them. The ashes are placed in cardboard boxes unless you provide or request urns for the ashes. If you are planning ahead, you can pay for urns in advance so that the loved ones that want your ashes do not have to buy their own urns.

Are There Special Instructions for the Ashes?

Some people leave behind very special and specific instructions for their ashes. This includes everything from having one's ashes sprinkled on the garden beds of beloved rosebushes to being shot into space. If you or the loved one who passed away wants something really special done with the ashes, be sure to tell the funeral director what those special instructions are.

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